Psychotherapy For Adults And Teens In Bolton And Ontario

Psychotherapy and counselling in Bolton and Ontario for adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and prenatal and postpartum mood concerns.

Counselling Services in Bolton and Ontario

The individual decision to begin therapy is different for everyone. I believe we all have something to work through. You may want to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationships, to change an unhelpful pattern, or you’ve experienced a challenging event and you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Whatever the desire or goal, my aim is to understand, empower and support your growth while utilizing a non-pathologizing approach.

Adolescence is often marked by intense emotional, cognitive and identity shifts. Through my experience as a School Social Worker, I’ve obtained in-depth knowledge about the various challenges teens face, including school avoidance, self-harm, family stress, depression, anxiety, and bullying. In my work with adolescents, it’s especially important to begin with a relationship based on trust and acceptance.
Parenting can be hard at the best of times. Challenges with discipline and behaviour are two of the most common parenting complaints and the answer often lies in strengthening the parent-child relationship. I support parents with children of all ages to feel more confident in their parenting and to feel more connected and present with their children. My approach is influenced by attachment theory and Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s attachment-based developmental approach. 
The transition into parenthood can be chaotic and overwhelming. Being a new parent naturally comes with its own challenges and postnatal anxiety and depression can exacerbate these difficulties. Using a client-centered approach, I support clients to draw on strengths, enlist social/emotional support, and treat symptoms of stress/anxiety and depression. I strongly believe in the importance of having real conversations about motherhood. 

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety is often experienced as a sense of feeling unsafe, feeling on edge or like you can’t relax. It can also be situational, i.e., social anxiety or phobias. Anxiety can develop in response to trauma and it can lead to obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Therapy can be very effective for shifting physical, cognitive and emotional responses of anxiety in the body and mind.
The relationship we develop with ourselves and others (particularly with our children and romantic partners) is largely influenced by the way our early caregivers interacted with us (attachment theory). Therapy can help us to identify and understand how these early relationships shaped our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Healing from developmental trauma is possible as we all have a “true” self that seeks to be realized.
Attachment & Parenting
My extensive experience and the specialized training I’ve obtained in attachment therapy have given me the tools to help parents repair attachment wounds, increase security in their children, and improve the parent-child bond. I am influenced by Dr. Daniel Siegel's work on interpersonal neurobiology and Dr. Gordon Neufeld's attachment-based developmental approach.
Depression can be marked by low mood, fatigue and low motivation. A common symptom of depression is hopelessness about the future and the belief that it will last forever. It’s important to know that these are symptoms of depression and not truths. CBT and Mindfulness are effective tools for treating depression. With treatment and commitment, you can feel better.
Vigilance and fear are biological and adaptive. They keep us safe, particularly in the face of a threatening situation. Often, fear continues to exist even after the threat has passed and this can have a negative impact on thinking, relationships, and the overall physical and emotional health of the individual. Trauma-focused therapy can reduce this heightened sense of alarm and bring the nervous system back into balance.
Grief & Loss
Whether you are dealing with the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or struggling with fertility and miscarriage, therapy can help you process your loss and feel your grief so that you can be more present in your everyday life. My approach is to support you with your goals, and to normalize and validate the grieving process.

common questions

Therapy is the process of meeting with a registered therapist who can help you shift unhelpful thoughts/behaviours, heal past trauma and hurt, deepen self-understanding and insight, and improve relationships. 

Therapy is based on establishing an honest, open and trusting relationship between the therapist and client. 

These are very common questions and it varies from individual clients to individual concerns/issues. When a modality like cognitive behavior therapy is used to address a specific issue like depression or anxiety this could take between 5-20 sessions. Insight-oriented therapy which focusses on the relationship between client/therapist and on deepening self-awareness could take more time. It ultimately depends on your needs and what you wish to gain from therapy. 

At your first session Elsia will review her consent form with you, you will get to share what brings you to therapy and you will have the opportunity to identify goals.

Elsia’s aim is to understand you better-how you think and feel, whilst working with you around attaining your goals. 

Elsia charges $140 for office sessions and $150 for home appointments. Elsia also offers a sliding scale. Please contact her for further information about this. 

Elsia takes payment directly and accepts e-transfer and credit card payments. An invoice will be issued to you with Elsia’s registration number and you will be reimbursed directly by your benefits provider. Most benefit plans cover Registered Social Workers, but it’s a good idea to call your provider in advance to confirm this. 

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. 


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Psychotherapy for Adults and Teens in Bolton and Ontario for anxiety, depression, trauma, and parenting challenges after childbirth.

Psychotherapy For Adults And Teens In Bolton And Ontario