Healing Through Connection

Our Approach

We offer couple therapy in Bolton, Oshawa and virtually across Ontario. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is an evidence-based, attachment-orientated model, rooted in attachment science, and one of the most effective approaches to couple therapy. EFCT is inherently non-blaming and aims to understand the negative relational patterns that have resulted in disconnection and mistrust. EFCT provides a map of how to help couples find their way towards a secure and trusting relationship where they feel deeper emotional safety and connection.  

One of our goals in couple therapy is to act as a bridge between partners. It is very important that each party feels heard, respected and encouraged to share their story.

Couple therapy sessions are 60 or 75 minutes in length and offered by Antonella Macri, Stephanie Schiraldi and Simar Gill Lowther. During the first session, our focus will be to gain a better understanding of your relationship concerns and to get a sense of your interactional pattern and stuck points. 

Another important aspect of EFCT is is understanding each other’s attachment style. According to attachment science, how we relate to ourselves and others, in particular an intimate partner, is largely influenced by the way our caregivers interacted with us. EFCT helps us identify unhelpful patterns and deepen our understanding of how these early relationships shaped our beliefs about ourselves and the world. These beliefs and responses may interfere with safety and connection and EFCT provides us with a roadmap for increasing emotional security through vulnerability, responsiveness and attunement. 

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