Treating The Root, Not Just The Branches

Our Approach

We’re passionate about working with adults and First Responders who have experienced childhood abuse, assault, significant life-altering events and childhood attachment wounds, essentially, both “big T “and “small t” trauma. 

We use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidence-based treatment, that helps to alleviate psychological stress from various forms of trauma and attachment injuries. Memories that are stuck in “trauma-time” can negatively impact our behaviour and beliefs even years later. It is often the case that we are unaware of the impact that these implicit memories have on our nervous systems, our view of self, and our relationships until a significant brings it to the surface. 

EMDR is underpinned by Adaptive Information Processing theory which states that our mind and nervous system naturally knows how to heal just like our body does, but the information stored with the tramautic memory creates obstacles to the adaptive processing of information. EMDR involves reprocessing memories that have left a negative impact on our nervous system and beliefs about self, so that new and adaptive information is formed and then becomes stored with that memory. This ultimately leads to a positive change in our nervous system and view of self. 

We believe that a strong understanding of our internal parts and how they try to protect us is imperative in trauma work and Parts Work is integral to our approach. Understanding our parts, how they developed, and making space for them with compassion can help alleviate shame, self-blame and guilt.

The beginning phase of therapy involves getting to know you, creating a safe and warm space, deepening your understanding of trauma and gently exploring its impact. Resourcing is an important part of all therapy and especially important in trauma work. This involves tapping into the internal and external resources you already possess for accessing calm and grounding within your body. Our internal parts can also be used as resources and together we will explore how they can help and empower you.

In addition to 60-minute therapy sessions we are now providing EMDR Intensives. These sessions are longer and held more frequently which allows us to focus more on resourcing, trauma reprocessing and widening the window of tolerance. EMDR Intensives can accelerate trauma reprocessing so that fewer sessions are needed overall. 

While on your healing journey, we strive to provide you with a safe space for exploring yourself, help you to experience shifts within your nervous system, and to build security within yourself and your relationships.

Please reach out to learn more about how EMDR could be beneficial to you.

We offer both in-person sessions (in Bolton) and virtual sessions across Ontario.

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