It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Our Approach

The transition into parenthood can be chaotic and intense. Identity shifts, sleep deprivation, anxiety, and lack of support can all exacerbate the stress that many parents already face. Unfortunately, these difficulties aren’t normalized and spoken about enough. Additionally, postpartum depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming and scary. Parenthood can also bring to light old wounds related to negative childhood experiences.

It is important for you to know that postpartum mood disorders (PPMD), like postpartum depression or anxiety, are all treatable.

We help our clients to deepen their understanding of past experiences, heal from trauma, and shift unhelpful beliefs and patterns.

Whether you’re in your fertility journey, pregnant or dealing with the natural challenges that parenthood brings, therapy can help you to manage tensions in relationships, improve mood and anxiety, and help you to feel like yourself again.

We are passionate about helping parents discover the resources they already possess and we strongly believe in having real conversations about motherhood/parenthood that empower, inspire and normalize this rocky transition.

We offer this service virtually across Ontario and at our Bolton office. 

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