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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety is often experienced as a sense of feeling unsafe or on edge. Anxiety can often develop in response to trauma or a difficult event, and it can lead to obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Therapy can be very effective in shifting the physical, cognitive and emotional responses of anxiety and can help the body and mind to regain equilibrium.
According to attachment science, how we relate to ourselves and others, in particular an intimate partner, is largely influenced by the way our caregivers interacted with us. Therapy can help us identify unhelpful patterns and deepen our understanding of how these early relationships shaped our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Healing from attachment injuries is possible and therapy can help with this.
Attachment & Parenting
Parenting can be challenging at the best of times and we are here to support you with it. We draw on Dr. Daniel Siegel's work on interpersonal neurobiology and Dr. Neufeld's attachment-based developmental approach to help parents repair attachment wounds, increase security in their children, and strengthen the parent-child bond.
Depression can be marked by low mood, fatigue and low motivation. A common symptom of depression is hopelessness about the future and the belief that it will last forever. It’s important to know that these are symptoms of depression and not truths. CBT, Mindfulness and EMDR are effective tools for treating depression. With treatment and time, you will feel better.
Vigilance and fear are biological and adaptive. They keep us safe, particularly in the face of a threatening situation. Often, fear continues to exist even after the threat has passed and this can have a negative impact on thinking, relationships, and our overall physical and emotional health. Trauma-focused therapy can reduce this heightened sense of alarm and bring the nervous system back into balance.
Grief & Loss
Whether you are dealing with the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, or struggling with fertility and miscarriage, therapy can help you process your loss and feel your grief so that you can be more present in your everyday life. Our approach is to support you with your goals, and to normalize and validate the grieving process.